Surrounding – Village of bonsaï Cái Mơn

Chợ Lách – Cái Mơn (12km, take a bike or the bus)

During a bike ride, or taking the bus, you take the time to visit Cái Mơn, a region famous for its bonsaïs and nurseries. For example, you can meet a nurseryman who will make you discover this beautiful job, and let yourself be tempted by a stroll in this charming village.

Cái Mơn is also an important supplier of bonsais and flowers for the big cities of the South of the country.

Surrounding – Village of Cái Bè

Chợ Lách – Cái Bè (one and a quarter hours by boat)

Many activites are possible in Cái Bè:

Let yourself be tempted by a stroll through the beautiful canals of Tân Phong Island to discover the green landscapes of the Mekong.

Or stroll among the boats of the floating market of Cái Bè where there are the shops on the water.

You could also wander in small sampan rowing arroyos, to enjoy a magical setting between lush orchards.

Perhaps you would prefer to visit one of the many brickworks in the area ? Or discover and enjoy some family confectionery such as rice alcohol, caramels with coconut milk or sweet rice cakes ?

Surrounding – City of Sa Đéc with Marguerite Duras


Chợ Lách – Sa Đéc (60km)

Sa Đéc, the city where Marguerite Duras spent her adolescance, offerts you a good half day of discoveries.

You can visit the primary school where his mother was a teacher in the 1930s.

Along the way, do not hesitate to visit the Châu Phú temple, dating from the early twentieth century, which is dedicated to Thoại Ngọc Hầu.

And let yourself be enchanted by the Tây An pagoda, built in a beautiful Indo-Muslim style, famous for the delicacy of its statuettes.

Surrounding – Floating market Long Xuyên, city Châu Đốc


Chợ Lách – Long Xuyên – Châu Đốc (160km)

From Chợ Lách, you can reach Long Xuyên (80km) to admire its beautiful floating market.

Feel free to stay one night, then join Châu Đốc the next day, where you can enjoy the Trà Sư forest. On a surface of more than 12km2, you may be able to observe the 70 types of birds found there.

From Châu Đốc, you can also enjoy boat departures to Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia. This way of traveling, besides being very pleasant, will make you discover the charming banks of the Mekong.